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I'm Venelin

Front-end Developer | UI/UX


Let me introduce myself

My name is Venelin Nikolov. I'm Front-end and UX/UI developer from Montreal, Canada.

I'm developing the front end look & feel of the web sites. Also I'm web-standards advocate and an outstanding grip on the inner workings of the W3C guidelines, not to mention my unnatural obsession with Website performance and optimization, BEM, Modular CSS, HTML/5 and the list continues. I'm the glue between design and usability and I'm always ready for new challenges including new ideas and innovations.

Technologies and Philosophy

My expertise and interest lies in front-end technologies, including HTML/5, CSS/3, JavaScript (as well as modern frameworks like React, Gatsby, VueJs, and Angular).

My philosophy on learning to use web technologies is always the same: experiment, fail, fix, fail again, fix again. You should spend time with your debugger, experimenting away with whichever technology you need to learn. Always keep an open mind, use tools you wouldn't usually use, and never give up.

Spare Time

When not buried in my text editor, I enjoy watching movies on Netflix, playing ping-pong and spending time with my family. I spend much of my weekends watching Formula 1, cheering on the Ferrari and laughing at the misfortunes of McLaren and Red Bull. If you want to hear my real opinion on things, throw a beer bottle at me.

I not only develop websites but I also design them!


  • Name:Venelin Nikolov
  • Job:Front-end Developer, UX/UI
  • Website:venelin.ca


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More of my credentials

Work Experience
Senior Front-end Developer

Nov 2020 - Current


Digital Web Agency, Toronto, Canada

Front-end Developer / UI

Apr 2020 - Nov 2020

Pomelo (Chronometriq)

North American Leader In Healthcare Management

Front-end Developer

Mar 2018 - Feb 2020


One of the Canada's largest advertising agency

Front-end / UI

Jan 2009 - Jan 2018

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages is a Canadian digital and print media company offering businesses comprehensive media solutions to meet their key marketing objectives and providing consumers with platforms to access reliable local business information.

Front-end / UI / UX

Jan 2008 - Sep 2009


VOIP Company in Montreal, Canada

Front-end / UI

Jul 2006 - Dec 2007

Codency, Inc

Advertising agency, Montreal, Canada

Front-end / UX

Aug 2000 - Feb 2006

ConsultCommerce LTD

International software development and consulting company working in the field of Internet, financial and management software development services.

Bachelor Degree

Sept 1998 - June 2001

Computer science

Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria


I'd Love To Hear From You.

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